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GIS Solutions

Surveying Technologies

In order to rationally organize location information platforms having various levels of precision depending on their purposes, The Facts Works has developed the latest technologies and methods for application to various situations

Positional Information Survey

Geo survey can be used for a wide variety of applications, Terrestrial survey, such as establishing a reference point for an area of land, surveying routes for road building, and boundary surveying for establishing the boundaries between roads and private land. We call these measurement technologies and related survey technologies, “geo survey technologies” and, because the acquired coordinate and altitude data become permanent reference data for indicating positions, we consider this data to be “location information platforms

Mobile Mapping

Mobile mapping is an excellent technology for efficiently and effectively collecting the information necessary for managing road assets. The Facts Works’ mobile mapping technology can provide asset management information that suits individual needs from collected roadside images and the Airborne Laser Scanner. From the collected images

  • We evaluate the condition of a road surface (determined based on the cracking ratio), that helps in develop a maintenance/repair plan and budget
  • We evaluate facilities related to roads, like road signs, the state of deterioration of guardrails, and the posting of illegal advertisements
  • Efficiently builds road information base data
  • Evaluation results can support future qualitative improvements to social capital
  • Helps build a safe and sound society by evaluating the health of the roads

Geological Survey

Even ground surfaces that look the same contain different rocks underneath. To assess the condition of subsoil that must support a structure, a geological survey is essential. Utilizing the latest terrain analysis technology for reading aerial photographs and interpreting LP data analysis results, The Facts Works is able to carry out efficient and effective geological surveys

Aerial Photography

The Facts Works offers a hi-quality product with a wide range of services that include comprehensive photography, cataloging, labeling, enhancing, photo editing, and much more. We set the standards for exceptional aerial photography at an affordable price to satisfy all of organization’s business and personal needs. We provide a cost effective and absolutely innovative approach to achieving amazing aerial photography results. We use helicopters and aircraft with GPS and IMU system to obtain aerial photography of optimum color and detail. We use the latest technology of aerial digital cameras