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Healthcare Solutions

SAP Business One Integrated

Hospital Management Suite (IHMS)

The Next-Generation Healthcare Solution Powered by SAP
Healthcare Industry is dealing with many challenges to boost customer care & service, maintain electronic health records for legal and monitoring purpose and efficiently manage huge amount of data

The Facts Works offers Integrated Hospital Management Suite (IHMS) powered by world class SAP Business One, for hospitals who wishes to provide state of the art care to their patients while optimizing the hospital’s internal cost by real time monitoring the various functions of the hospital.

People can make or break projects. ExperiencedSAP B1 IHMS

SAP solutions help healthcare organizations run better by enabling a personalized healthcare experience through integrated records and collaborative medical analytical capabilities. It addresses all the functional areas of the modern multi-specialty hospitals and enables better patient care, patient safety, efficiency, and reduced cost. SAP IHMS provide real-time access to relevant information at the point of care; enable information exchange among patients, care providers, and support networks; and establish full visibility and transparency of operational support. It also offers easy access to critical information there by enabling the management to take better on time decisions.

The Facts Works Specialty

The Facts Works has the ability to provide web based appointment and clinical modules. This gives the physicians the flexibility to access this information from anyplace, anytime. We currently specialize in Spine, Cardiology, Gynecology, Physiatrist, Infertility, and Pediatric Modules. We utilized B1iF for integrating Clinical Sections of Web with SAP B1. Lots of Customs and Standards transactions are used for integration between Clinical sections on Web, Mobile with SAP B1.

IHMS Modules

  • Registration and appointment
  • IPD
  • OPD
  • Billing and Insurance
  • Diagnosis and Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Blood Bank
  • Doctor Staff
  • Wards (ICU, OT, General, Special)
  • Purchasing
  • ICU
  • Operation Theater
  • Nurse section
  • Pharmacy
  • Inventory
  • Ambulance
  • Diet Management
  • Record Management
  • Equipment Management
  • MRD Reports

SAP - IHMS Key features

  • HIPPA compliant solution
  • HL7 compliant with an interface developed for connectivity across variety of HL7 compliant disparate medical instruments and health information systems
  • Replace your multiple legacy systems with ONE IHMS software for Accounts, Administration, Billing, CRM, Payroll, Patient Management, Purchasing, Stores, Multi location, and Mobility.
  • Guaranteed reduction in existing manpower headcount
  • Streamlined paperless process enabling substantial reduction throughout the operation of hospital or manual errors. Also eliminating duplicate entries of the same patient.
  • Position yourselves for clinical trials and medical tourism opportunities
  • Flexible architecture to accommodate multiple units, locations,and companies using one software and system
  • Provide all possible billing scenarios for private, corporate and public sector hospitals
  • Email, Fax, SMS connectivity for sending information and reminders
  • Patient diagnosis by doctors on mobile devices
  • Remote connectivity enabled for multiple locations
  • Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility
  • Safeguards data integrity, security and accessibility

WHY The Facts Works?

The Facts Works’ broad experience, highly specialized consultants, and proprietary tools allow us to help companies make informed decisions about their business strategies. We help organizations in adopting best practice models, processes and cost management competences to render service quality and value for money. We provide standard, add-ons and specialized custom solutions for your requirements. The Facts Works links processes for a range of industry value chains by incorporating horizontal lines of business with healthcare solutions on premise, in the cloud, and through mobile devices.

What We Deliver

We provide an ample healthcare solution set that brings superior functionality and service for providers and patients. Healthcare organizations achieve

  • More-personalized healthcare planning and scrutinizing
  • Improved efficiency through insight into costs and results
  • Superior analysis and understandings through increased patient and care-provider collaboration
  • Reduced cost and complexity
  • Enhanced risk and compliance management
  • Improved HR management and staff productivity