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Outsourcing Solutions

Offshore Development Center

Offshore outsourcing is presently looked upon as a value enhancer that helps organizations to streamline their core operations at a significant cost advantage. We are proficient to produce predictable quality and measurable results through our well-defined processes. We offer Offshore Development Center (ODC) facility for you to help in your business.

We have built the trust amongst our business partners and clients by providing them operational efficiencies and excellence with maximizing their investments and reducing their IT management costs.

Onsite staffing

People can make or break projects. Experienced Professionals are hard to get, they are company strength. The Facts Works is dedicated to providing clients with the best Technology Consulting professionals to support vital projects and any short term requirements. We are a professional consulting and offshore development company that realizes that many projects require an onsite presence to ensure success. Our continuous training and wide-ranging array of technical and business application experience in a variety of industries, provides you instant access to teams and individuals with the type of dynamic and diversified experience, needed to rapidly solve problems and deliver solutions.

Our Hybrid Offshore Model

We are a customer-focused company, willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer delight. Our hybrid offshore model allows companies to build a blended software development team with Local resources and offshore resources based in Pakistan. Our local Project Managers have vast experience of handling our remote teams and have established an excellent working relationship with our remote developers. This business model allows total control and safety for our business partners while saving up to 50% on the development costs. We remove the cultural risks of using remote team members.

We Ensures

  • FLEXIBILITY: 1-30 developers with Flexible timings in a team depending on a task. No need to pay for the resources you don't use
  • EXCLUSIVITY: A dedicated development team works only at your tasks
  • EXPERTISE: Highly skilled offshore development team with all of Mid+ and Senior levels experience
  • A COST-CUTTING APPROACH: Financially, you may save up to 50% over Local costs. Reduction in hiring, training and infrastructure costs
  • STABILITY: A fixed monthly price and a constant number of skilled developers make your project stable and independent
  • SECURITY: Secured environments and a full compliance with strict security procedures ensure that your software/data is in safe hands
  • MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT PROGRAM: Once we deliver a system our commitment continues through a maintenance and support program tailored to meet your needs as long as required
  • CONTINIOUS COMMUNICATION: Our Local team will work closely with you, making sure the right information flows between you and our development teams in Pakistan ensuring misunderstandings are eliminated and progress is transparent
  • CONTINIOUS DELIEVRY MODEL: When developing software we work to a continuous delivery model so that our customers are never without a working system
  • TIMELY EXECUTION – VALUE FOR MONEY: It is integral to our work philosophy and work approach

Identical to have Own Company in Pakistan

At The Facts Works, you are in total control of things. You are involved in who is part of your team, and you have complete technical control across all phases of development. And even though a Project Manager will help you supervise and guide your team, you have direct access to all of your developers. You decide how and when your source code is delivered, and what procedures we should follow. It does not matter what your team size is, one or thirty, after a few months, you will surely see them as colleagues, and occasionally even come and visit the team to take delivery, or to discuss the next project. You will receive monthly invoices, same as if you would pay salary to your in-house staff.

Remarkable Development Infrastructure

Our Excellent Infrastructure is our backbone on which our entire business process operates seamlessly. We have been very concerned to minimize downtime. Our ODC comprises of

  • IBM-powered Linux and Windows Servers for internal development
  • Modular workstations with fast PCs on a high-speed switched network
  • Internet access and Library for research and learning
  • VoIP and teleconference facilities
  • Skype chat and 24 x 7 email and Internet access over high-speed broadband connections
  • UPS and Generator facility for Power backup
  • Access control, Firewall, anti-virus and periodic data backup systems
Our business processes are automated for seamless project execution with proper project management and communication tools in place.