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Security Solutions

intelliGO NAC Solution

The IntelliGO Network Access Control Platfrom enhances your security posture by deploying quickly and providing visibility and control across all devices and network connections. This helps organizations with 2016 challenges who need to address gaps in Visibility, Control and Integration.

The IntelliGO NAC Solution

IntelliGO is a Next Generation Security Platform. It connects the Endpoints, Servers, Applications, Network, Security and Identity components in your organization together so you can write advanced policies about who gets access to what.

Solution at Glance

IntelliGO doesn’t just provide authentication or integration like legacy network access control software we provide full visibility and control without any 3rd party decencies. Everything is on-box and fully licensed so you can provide the encryption, auditing and automation required to prevent unauthorized access and threats on your internal network.

Simplified Security

To simplify your security project, we enroll devices with the capability to modularly add restrictions, applications and perform actions on the network and device itself. We can even on-board and apply restrictions to simple device like a printer, IP thermometer or payment pad.

Why Implement Network Access Control?

Full Visibility and Control of devices and the network has never been more challenging or important to your enterprise. With so many rising trends such users Bringing Their Own Devices (BYOD), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced Threats (APT) such as malware propagating competing for attention from security departments. You need strong authentication, visibility of every endpoint and automated control and integration with a Next Generation Security Platform.

Features and Capabilities

  • Award-Winning Network Access Control and Device Manager bringing better security on the network
  • Support Automated On-Boarding of End-User Devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Chromebook
  • Provide Strong Authentication to Wireless, Wired and VPN connections
  • Augment Security tools like Firewalls and URL filters with accurate User identity, SSL-Decryption, Two-Factor Authentication
  • Manage Mobile devices such as Android, iOS with in-built MDM to install apps, enforce security policies, track, lock and wipe lost devices.
  • Scalable security focused solution for any network.
  • Powerful reporting of data for compliance; advanced search and locate capabilities.
  • Single license and appliance delivers lowest total cost of ownership


  • Certificate-Based On-Boarding, Authentication and Management Multi-OS
  • 802.1X and Agentless Network Access Control
  • Endpoint Profiling, Security Scanning and Compromise Detection
  • Mobile Device and Application Management
  • Guest Networking: Sponsor, Approve and Auto-Enroll Guests.
  • In-Built Integrations to Automate Incident Response in SIEM, NGFW, URL Filtering, EMM and Endpoint Protection Software
  • Network Visualization and Control with Switch API
  • Single License for Feature Rich Deployment and Lowest Startup Costs
  • Thousands of Devices on a iGO Single Appliance

Gartner Security Summit Survey

  • 46% Of Customers implement NAC to Monitor/Enforce BYOD Policies
  • 20% to Improve Network Visibility
  • 12% Enforce Windows Compliance
  • 5% Guest Networks