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GIS Solutions

GIS Infrastructure Solution

The Facts Works has specialized division in Geographic Information Systems. Providing wide range of GIS services like custom mapping, GeoCoding, data conversion / integration and GPS Services etc. We provide GIS solutions to businesses, government and educational institutions that support organizations to use and maintain their spatial information

The Facts Works’ GIS division also provides technical services that include collection, analysis and presentation of geographic data. Using cutting edge technology in GIS field, we provide timely, accurate, predictable and scalable solutions to our clients

GIS Implementation

Implementation of GIS requires critical planning, management, training and solutions to ensure success of organization’s geospatial program for current and future requirements. The Facts Works’ expertise in GIS implementation includes, but is not limited to

  • Workflow Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Integration
  • Training
  • Plotting Solutions
  • Technical Support

Areas of Specializations

With a strong infrastructure, skilled human capital and a vast experience in spatial data handling, the core areas of expertise of the Facts Works cover a broad range of Geographic Information Systems services including

  • Geodetic / Surveying Services
  • Aerial Photography
  • Photogrammetric Services
  • Panoramic Imagery
  • Ground Control Establishment and Related Field Work
  • Geospatial Services
  • GIS / Geodatabase
  • Remote Sensing
  • Road Inventory Management
  • Land Use and Planning
  • GIS/Geodatabase Development Services

    The Facts Works' Geodatabase Development team ensure that your data is current and valid, performing database updates and, whenever possible, automating quality assurance checks. Geodatabase Development services include

    • Enterprise geodatabase design and data development based upon organizational workflow and unique requirements
    • Experience with implementation on a variety of platforms (including Oracle and SQL Server)
    • Geospatial data modeling
    • Maintenance workflow design and automation
    • Full documentation

    Data Creation Services

    Data Creation services include

    • Digitization of paper maps and figures into GIS-compatible format
    • CAD-to-Geodatabase data conversion
    • Document conversion
    • Rebuilding legacy applications to incorporate added functionality and to work in an upgraded environment

    Professional Mapping

    In addition to cadastral mapping, The Facts Works’ production staff has experience in creating GIS data for several different industries and organizations. The Facts Works has the technical infrastructure and experience to perform a wide variety of professional mapping tasks including, but not limited to

  • Planimetrics
  • Land Use Mapping
  • Administrative District Mapping
  • Addressing
  • Utilities
  • Importing Building Sketches into GIS
  • GIS Data Conversion

    The Facts Works has performed many large-scale GIS data conversion projects, mostly to the Esri geodatabase. The Facts Works’ conversion procedures are continuously refined to eliminate data loss, improve topological integrity and maximize the utility of the geodatabase. We can convert to the geodatabase from

    • CAD (AutoCAD, MicroStation, etc.)
    • Esri Coverages
    • Esri Shapefiles
    • Intergraph GeoMedia
    • Convert data to the Parcel Fabric as well as convert from the geodatabase to shapefiles, coverages and CAD
    • Planimetric Data