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Banking Solutions

Collection System

Collection System packages to collect customer payments in a proficient manner, facilitating our Corporate Customer and providing Corporate & Bulk Collection methods to their customers

Corporate Collection; covering business to business - B2B collection workflow and providing collection facilities to the corporate for collecting their funds from their vendors and enrich the customer and their vendors with the pre- configurable Email/SMS alerts and Online MIS

Bulk collections cover business to Customer – B2C workflow and facilitate to collect bulk consumer collections for utility organizations against their billing data and enrich the customer with comprehensive MIS

Collections can be in the shape of Instruments (Cheque/ Draft/PDC), electronic or cash.

Onsite staffing

  • Corporate / B2B Collections
  • Multi-Utility Bill / Utility Bill Collection
  • Cash Collection Services (CCS)
  • Instrument Collection Services (ICS)
  • Post-Dated Cheque Collections (PDC)
  • Direct Debit Collections
  • Integrated cheque and cash processing
  • Determined credit limits
  • Bin depository Management
  • Identification of overdue invoices
  • Invoice check and reconciliation
  • Adjustments of returned instruments
  • Billing Data upload facility
  • Limit checking upon defined constraints (real time, monthly etc.)
  • Bulk Collection
  • Corporate Collection
  • Local cheque collections
  • Outstation cheque collections
  • Cheques drawn on branch locations
  • Cheques drawn on correspondent bank locations
  • Cheques drawn on coordinator locations
  • House cheque collections
  • Cash collections
  • Collection Utilities

  • Online Fund Transfer
  • Offline transactions upload
  • CBS Posting
  • UBCS Offline Transactions Upload
  • Upload Dealers
  • Upload Invoices
  • Data Transfer
  • Collection Modular Composition

    Collection System Benefits

    • Instant cash availability
    • Instant cash collection for current dated instruments
    • Instant cash collection for post-dated instruments
    • Post-dated instruments are efficiently managed through vaulting, sorting and withdrawal upon maturity
    • Cash collection through data capture and data posting
    • Data upload in customer defined formats
    • Direct Debit Instructions
    • Returned and cancelled instrument management
    • Credit monitoring
    • Data matching and reconciliation
    • Payment & invoice data reconciliation with single row data capture
    • Reconciliation upon customer defined parameters
    • Customer and User reports for detailed analysis