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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Facts Works Private Cloud is the implementation of cloud services on resources that is dedicated for the Facts Works, that exist on-premises

With Facts Works Private Cloud you get many of the benefits of cloud computing, including self-service, scalability, and elasticity with the additional control and customization available from dedicated resources. By using validated technologies from industry leaders in computing, storage, networking, and server virtualization. A single platform, built from unified computing, fabric, and storage technologies, that lets The Facts Works Cloud's scale to meet the largest data center requirements without disruption or architectural changes in the future The Facts Works currently provides two models for Private cloud services for its internal users

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Using infrastructure resources (compute, network, and storage) as a service
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): PaaS provides a complete application platform as a service.
  • Infrastructure as a Service

    The Facts Works offers Cloud infrastructure services, also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to deliver computer infrastructure. This is the base layer of The Facts Works’ stack. It serves as a foundation for the other two layers, for their execution (PaaS / SaaS). The keyword behind this stack is Virtualization. In The Facts Works IaaS, Customer environments are executed on isolated and secure virtual computer platform (also known as an instance). Customers have a choice of virtual computer, meaning that they can select a configuration of CPU, memory and storage that is optimal for executing their applications. The Facts Works IaaS infrastructure servers, routers, hardware based load-balancing, firewalls, storage and other network equipment are fully redundant to deliver the highest uptime. The Facts Works' Customer can buy these resources as a service on an as needed basis.
    The Facts Works also offers its customers a DR solution molded around the IaaS. This solution enables customers to have a cost effect DR/BCP plan.

    Platform as a Service

    The Facts Works Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a combination of a development platform and solution stacks delivered as a service on demand. It provides the infrastructure on which software developers can build new applications or extend/ customize existing ones without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software and provisioning hosting capabilities. In addition The Facts Works’ IT developers and testers who use The Facts Works’ PaaS to customize their required environments, it also provides the platform for delivering end user portal services for The Facts Works’ Customers. While earlier application development required hardware, an operating system, a database, middleware, Web servers, and other software, with The Facts Works’ PaaS model uses VMware solutions which only need to be integrated and customizing as required.
    The Facts Works has adopted an ROI model that shows how Cloud Computing adoption has benefits both business and IT consumers. This involves examining the key technology features and business operating model changes.


    Isolation provides the foundation for security for the multi-tenant data center and server farm. This is achieved through the use of firewalls, access lists, VLANs, virtualization, storage, and physical separation. A combination of these provides the appropriate level of security enforcement to the server applications and services within different tenants of the Facts Works Cloud.

    Policy Enforcement and Access Control

    Within a True multi-tenant environment Like The Facts Works, the issue of Access Control and Policy Enforcement looms large and where careful consideration. Capabilities of devices and appliances within each layer of the architecture is be leveraged to create complex policies and secure access control that enhance secure separation within each tenant.


    Resiliency implies that end-points, infrastructure, and applications within The Facts Works’ multi-tenant environment is protected and can withstand attacks that can cause service disruption, data enclosure, and unauthorized access. Proper infrastructure hardening, providing application redundancy, and implementing firewalls are some of the steps taken in order to achieve the desired level of resiliency inside The Facts Works’ Private Cloud.

    Strategic Impact

    Go to market strategy aligning to growing demand in Business is made a reality by this flexible Cloud Infrastructure. The ability to provide a Cost effective development platform has won us customer mindshare. The Facts Works realizes the true Potential of its private Cloud By delivering its users with IaaS and PaaS services securely and efficiently.

    Operational Impact

    As the demands of multi-tenant environments grow inside The Facts Works’ Private Cloud, so do the challenges of managing them. As a Multi-tenant service provider we require comprehensive control and extensive visibility of the shared infrastructure to effectively enable the appropriate separation and service levels for our customers. The varied and dynamic requirements of accommodating multiple customers on a shared infrastructure have driven us toward management solutions that are more responsive and comprehensive while minimizing operational complexity. Integrated components have enabled us to centrally manage all our infrastructure pools. We adopt an open-design management framework that integrates with our existing third-party infrastructure management solutions. We have also ensured Application and data mobility with Automated Deployment of pre-fabricated system images. As a result of the above measures the operation efficiency gains currently seen are to a tune of 30% versus the earlier traditional model.

    Capacity management and Forecasting

    The Facts Works uses a Cost avoidance and justification model with simply mean Do more with the same or less! Optimize utilization of existing hardware resources to its best efficiency allows us to justify any new business purchases. By analyzing Utilization pattern and trend monitoring, The Facts Works ability in addressing additional new headcounts / deployment of new multi-tiered applications is handled well in advance due to the unique forecast rule engine.

    Security or regulatory impact

    The Facts Works Cloud is based on a multi-tenancy concept. A tenant (Application or Customer Landscape) is defined as a set of standardized, virtualized resources taken from a shared pool. Secure Separation ensures one tenant inside The Facts Works’ Private Cloud cannot disrupt other tenants’ resources, such as virtual machine (VM), network bandwidth, tenant data, and storage. It also ensures protection against data loss, denial of service attacks, and unauthorized access. Each tenant must be securely separated using techniques such as access control, virtual storage controllers, VLAN segmentation, firewall rules, and intrusion protection. Secure separation also implies a defense-in-depth approach with policy enforcement and protection at each layer.

    Social Impact and sustainability

    As the first step to our Cloud Journey, The Facts Works rolled out its Datacenter wide Virtualization. We have reduced the number of servers, resulting in less energy use; and have also reduced Commuting through use of remote management tools. Saved 50% on its datacenter space and reduced our energy consumption through Virtualization.